CEBEK Strategic Plan 2018-2021

The Steering Board of the Vizcaya Business Confederation has trusted again in Acorde Consulting for the definition of its New Strategic Plan. CEBEK is the business confederation of the territory of Viscay, integrated by federations, associations and enterprises it represents in defense of their interests and in search of improvement of Enterprise competitiveness.

The Project of colaboration began with the revisión of the fulfilment of the previous plan, as well as with the implementation of a diagnosis in which have participated representatives of all the implicated agents (federeations, associated enterprises, professionals of the Confederation, etc.). In this proyect, and in other similar ones, Acorde assumes the responsibility of dinamizing the proyect according to own methods contrasted widely in organizations of different sizes and sectors.

The result is a plan fitted with three key characteristics. In the one hand, it defines in a clear and structured way the challenges and objectives to achieve, balancing ambition and realism, and giving response to all groups of interest. On the other hand, its structure guarantees a simple and effective system to carry out its tracking and update. Finally, it guarantees the alignment between the strategy and the operation: between the long-term projection and the short-term action, in a way that it turns to an optimum road map to guide CEDEKs navigation in the years to come.


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