Consulting and Training Services

Executive Training

We are the reference consultant for many organisations around us for giving specific training for executive settings, in our fields of greatest experience: strategy and deployment of objectives, organisational improvement, leadership management, management models, etc.

Social Responsibility – CSR

We help our clients in the definition of their management model for Corporate Social Responsibility, within the framework of several reference models; including the implantation of standards (SGE 21, SR10,), the preparation of GRI Sustainability Reports, etc.
We support organizations in integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into their Strategy. The business network around the world is called to be an active agent in achieving these objectives, and the companies and organizations in our environment therefore acquire an essential role in this challenge.


Within our field of experts in management administration and management systems, we offer support for the implantation of Compliance Penal (UNE 19601) management systems, working alongside our allies in this field: Ekoire Abogados (please see the Alliances section).

Quality and environmental systems

We are experts in the implantation of management, quality and environmental systems; both in industrial and in service settings. We also have experience in quality management systems in university centres (AUDIT) and other sectors.

Management in Tourism

We are reference consultants in the tourism management field, thanks to our experience in the implantation of the tourism Q and in other Tourism Quality references promoted by SICTED and in cooperation with Basquetour (Basque Tourism Agency).

Agile Methodologies – SCRUM

We are pioneers in the development and implantation of “agile methodologies” in all sectors; taking the “SCRUM” methodology as a reference and its use for improvement in the management of teams, projects and processes.

Innovation Management

Implementation of innovation management systems; from the generation of ideas to their implementation and project management. Implantation of systems based on the UNE 166002. Implementation of participative continuous improvement systems.

Personnel Management

We are experts in personnel management and we support our clients in the definition and improvement of competency-based models, and evaluation of performance, leadership deployment systems, determination of measurement systems, satisfaction evaluation, etc.

Management by Processes

We support the executive teams to define the keys for management based on processes, guiding the organisational transformation through a transversal, systematic management and defining the correct parameters for measurement and continuous improvement.


We have accompanied dozens of organisations from all sectors in the development of their planning processes and deployment of targets and in the preparation of their strategic plans. Ranging from global strategy to operational plans.

EFQM and Advanced Management

We accompany our clients on their route towards excellence based on these models. It is one of the consulting companies with most references in Spain and recognised on a European level. The Manager of Acorde is an “EFQM Ambassador” and he is homologated as a “Licensed Advisor”.

Balanced Scorecard

Acorde is the reference consulting company in the field covering support for the creation and improvement of Strategic Maps and Scorecards to backup planning processes. We also have backup software applications.